Financial Anarchists 14: Financial Stockholm Syndrome


Why Tesla should try and make a profit before asking investors for more money… what a ‘Peak Australia’ will look like… why the mainstream media made a fool of themselves over Trump’s tax returns … and more…

In this episode:

  • How Tesla is holding its shareholders hostage…
  • The impact of the Fed raising interest rates this week…
  • Trump’s Tax Returns revealed…
  • Why investors worried about the Dutch elections…
  • How long do we have before we hit Peak Australia?
  • Can Australia take to world record for terms without a Recession?
  • Bill Evans the only one still confident in Australian Property…
  • And much more…


Kris Sayce: Financial-Market ‘Stockholm Syndrome’: Markets Headed for a Stumble?

Bill Bonner: Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates, Markets Yawn

Härje Ronngard: Aussie Gold Stocks Race up After Fed Hike

ABC News: Real estate confidence hits rock bottom, despite solid consumer confidence


Special Report: is calling it Australia’s ‘next billion-dollar industry’. I call it the biggest ‘legal drug deal’ in history.

Marijuana Mania is here and I don’t want you to miss a cent of it. Early pot plays have already spawned levels of wealth we haven’t seen since the tech boom of the early 2000s. We’re talking jaw-dropping stock gains like 1,380%, 1,102% and 13,627%! But that’s nothing compared to what comes NEXT… [more]

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