Financial Anarchists 16: Aussie Gold Insider: ‘$10,000 Gold Is Coming’ (but there’s a catch…)


This week on Financial Anarchists, Jordan Eliseo, Chief Economist for ABC Bullion joins the podcast to talk about all things gold.

In this episode:

Kris and Jordan discuss:

Gold as an investment…

The impact rising interest rates will have on the gold price…

How gold is a slap in the face of professional fund managers…

Are Gold ETFs a valid way of getting exposure to the gold price?

Buying physical gold with a superannuation…

How gold could more than triple in price in the next 10-20 years…

And More…

Editor’s Note: Sorry we had a bit of an audio issue with this episode. We can hear Jordan very well, yet Woody and Kris sound a little weird (some of you may consider this an improvement). We’ll look to fix this by the next episode. Thanks for your patience.


The ABC Bullion Website

The ABC Bullion Gold Saver

Money Morning – How To Buy Gold and Silver

Aussie Gold Stocks on the Rise, Is Now the Time to Buy?

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