6% Share Price Rise for Dubber Thanks to Cisco Endorsement (ASX:DUB)

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On a day when the All Ords is peaking at new all-time highs, one stock adding to the sea of green is Dubber Corp Ltd [ASX:DUB].

DUB is a recording software small-cap that is on the up lately.

You can read all about their recent success in our previous coverage of their latest quarterly report. Which was the catalyst for a major leap in their share price.

Today, though, Dubber is closing back in on its recent all-time high, sitting at $2.85 per share price at the time of writing — up 5.95% from yesterday’s close.

As for why, well it’s all thanks to an incredible act of endorsement from IT giant, Cisco.

First major ‘Dubber Foundation Partner’

Yes, as Dubber noted today, Cisco is now set to incorporate Dubber’s software into all its Webex and Unified Communications Manager (UCM) services.

Meaning any of Cisco’s users will now also be able to make use of Dubber’s recording solutions. Totally free of any extra charge, might I add.

And while that may raise some questions as to how Dubber benefits from this move, management was quick to shoot down any concerns. As CEO Steve McGovern notes:

Additionally, Cisco will become Dubber’s first major Foundation Partner. The Dubber Foundation Partner Program utilises the scale and native cloud capability of the Dubber platform, enabling a service provider to embed Dubber within their core service and make basic call recording available for every user as a standard feature. Dubber and its Foundation Partners are then able to cross and upsell richer functionality for compliance, AI services, additional storage, insights and more.

So rather than losing out, this deal will give Dubber an extremely large cohort of users to upsell to. A chance to showcase the value of voice data that many companies are often unaware of.

Which, at face value, might just seem as simple as recording any and all conversations. But Dubber’s COO, James Slaney, explains that it is much more than that:

Business and Government require more than personal call recording.

They need conversations to be captured in a way that is compliant and converted to data for revenue intelligence, dispute resolution, proactive compliance and customer service.

Today’s announcement is proof not only of the scalability of Dubber, but the potential we and Cisco see in tapping voice data to improve the performance of businesses and governments worldwide.

Therefore, it is easy to see why investors are excited about this potential. Especially when we’re talking about bringing on board such a big name (in Cisco) as their first Foundation Partner.

What’s next for the Dubber Share Price?

Given Dubber’s recent momentum, shareholders certainly have plenty of reasons to be happy. Few stocks can rival their year-to-date performance.

However, that doesn’t mean that Dubber is taking it easy.

Today’s announcement will hopefully be the first of many more to come. With management no doubt looking to bring more big names on board via its ‘Foundation Partner’ program.

Indeed, Dubber has made it no secret that it hopes to work with ‘leading telecommunications carriers’. Not only locally, but also in North America, Europe, and Asia.

So, shareholders should certainly be keeping an eye out for any development on this front.

In the meantime, though, if you’re looking for more promising AI-related small-caps — like Dubber — we’ve got you covered. Our latest report from our Exponential Stock Investor experts is a must-read.

Because who knows when the next AI small-cap, like Dubber, may make its breakout next!


Ryan Clarkson-Ledward,
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